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A celebration or event without the presence of live music in some form is seldom ever reminisced  Christina Noel

Other than trying to convince the powers that be to have live music at their corporate events, conferences, weddings, birthdays and anniversary parties, we at Music for LONDON  have one goal, it is to ensure we have: 

1)  Extremely Satisfied Clients by providing Committed Musicians and Entertainers.

Our Definition of Satisfied Clients

  1. You are praised by your clients or guests after your event for your choice of entertainment.
  2. Your Birthday, Anniversary or Wedding Party Guests are delighted, they wake up in the morning and say ” Wow! that was the best party we have ever been to.”
  3. Your boss pats you on the back for booking professional yet fun musicians or entertainers.
  4. You feel it was all worth it after the event.
  5. You receive several  messages of compliments the next day by email, cards and text messages about the memorable event.
  6. You have no issues or anxieties with regards to the Artistes booked pre and post event.

We have achieved this again and again for our clients over the last ten years, please read out client testimonials, the testimonials can be verified when required.

Our Method

We achieve this by

  1. Introducing you to carefully selected professionally qualified & proactive, musicians/ensembles/ entertainers/bands that have a long list of satisfied clients
  2. If you have any concerns about the venue logistics you can always speak to us or our Venue Experts for some free advice at as they have an indepth knowledge of venues in Central London, Greater London and the Home Counties.
  3. Providing Artistes that potray a certain charisma or X Factor while performing but are happy to perform for the listeners pleasure and not just themselves.
  4. Propose the most suitable artistes to your requirements  and desired effect.
  5. To work within your budget and space by alternating the size of the ensembles/bands or adjusting the playing and arrival time where possible but never sacrificing on quality or reliability.
  6. Providing you with the peace of mind in the run up to the event by encouraging you to have a proactive dialogue with the artiste or ensemble leader with regards to performance aesthetics to ensure better creativity and synergy between both parties.
  7. By NOT recommending bargain bucket musicians who accept very low paying gigs as they are sometimes known to have  different pay as you go numbers close to the gig date and often use non reliable transport. 
  8. Music for LONDON always has a back up plan in case of the inevitable though we have not had to call on this plan more than 3 times in the last 10 years.
  9. We take the necessary steps to help our clients understand all the hidden costs in booking  serious professional full time live performing musicians and entertainers.  These cost include maintainance and renewal of PA equipment and instruments. Renewal of  PAT test certificates, public liability insurance, studio time hire,  transport cost, to use vehicles that are well maintained to ensure reliability. 
  10. Providing contact details of previous clients who have used the same artistes if required.
  11. By implementing a completely transparent booking process.

As in the famous words of Sir Henry Royce  – Quality is Long Remembered after the price is forgotten.


Our Definition of Committed Musicians and Entertainers.

  1. Always willing to go that extra mile for you with a smile.
  2. Picks up the phone or returns your call or replies to your email within 24 hours
  3. Turns up early for your event.
  4. Does not mind playing the last few requests before the lights are turned on.
  5. PAT tested equipment with current PAT test labels where applicable.
  6. Insured for Public Liability.
  7. More than Happy to learn a tune or two specifically for you. *
  8. Always well dressed.
  9. Own reliable well maintained transport.
  10. Not smelling of alcohol or anything unwanted on arrival.

Our Method

We achieve this by

  1. Ensuring musicians get a good deal to inspire them to want to do their job properly for the love of music and the need for money.(A good remuneration guarantees the musicians will do their best to satisfy the clients to ensure future bookings via Music for London and in many cases repeat bookings from the same client and potential clients attending the event) 
  2. Getting to know our musicians and entertainers on a personal and professional level.
  3. Reminding them that their only as good as their last gig.
  4. Using artistes that respond to us in a timely manner with any questions.
  5. Aim to use graduate musicians where possible.
  6. Counter check their previous track record for musicians and entertainers who are new to us.
  7. By implementing a completely transparent booking process.

* A few ensembles for example the chamber orchestras or gospel choirs may require additional payment to cover studio hire charges and arrangement fees.  Please email for more details.

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