The FusiÒn Gypsy Jazz Ensemble

Gypsy Jazz Ensemble London


The sound of this gypsy jazz duo may come from nothing more than a fiddle and guitar, but don’t let that fool you – this is an acoustic partnership that delivers music with a passion, skill and energy that mesmerizes.

The act is an acoustic duo, featuring violin and guitar, playing a range of styles of music with a particular focus on Latin, Gypsy Jazz and Swing.

With character and experience aplenty, The fusiÒn draws together music from around the world, delivering a sound brimming with foot-stomping rhythms, soaring improvised melodies and intricate detail.


The Welsh born pair (Richard, violin) and (Philip, guitar) are no strangers to music of the world.

Meeting in the historic city of Bath, both are accomplished players in their own right, Jones having toured throughout the UK and Europe and Gregory across the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

La FusiÒn unites the pair, producing acoustic music that is organic, impressive and infectious.

Isn’t She Lovely

Minor Swing

My Little Suede Shoes

Smooth Criminal

Tetris (Korobeiniki)

Sweet Georgia Brown


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The Fusion
Gypsy Jazz
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