The Double Dancers Dance Company

Dance Company in London

The Double Dancers Dance Company is a professional ballet/contemporary/lyrical company based in East London, England. They have been established for more than 4y ears. It is run and choreographed by head choreographer Emma and assistant choreographer Clandon.

As a company they are unique, different to what is available in the industry. W==Theye are not just about style, technique and choreography they also are very expressive, telling a story through our bodies. Their style of dance uses emotion and creates a connection with the audience, the expressive movement is a strong ballet technique with elements of contemporary, lyrical and jazz.

The Double Dancers Dance Company dancers are all highly trained be leading dance colleges and are versatile in all dance styles including latin, ballroom and bollywood.

‘I was lucky to see a show. Could have easily been from a West End show. Such talent and energy’!
– Audience member

‘I have known Emma and her company. Emma is a very passionate dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher who works hard in what she does and is very committed. I have also been given a chance to even see her perform at a Big Dance Bus event in Croydon. They really captivated the audience. I highly recommend booking Emma and her company and join her company as well as the classes or workshops. She is a very friendly person and she has a very friendly approach. Her dancers are friendly and dance well together. She likes to inspire others and give them opportunities to perform. She also has a good understanding of her students and dancers abilities as she helps them the best way she can for them to achieve’.
– Anusha from the Big Dance Bus

‘She is very passionate about her dance career and is very committed and hardworking in what she does. Her company is a great company to train with and I was also given a chance to even seen her and her company perform. Wow! I was gobsmacked! They are so professional and full of perfection. I’m surprised that they are not already performing for TV. VERY IMPRESSED’!
– A friend