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Chinese Calligraphers

Chinese Calligraphers

A talented Chinese artist able to demonstrate the art of the ink-brush work during the Chinese New Year and other Chinese Themed Events.  The artiste  will showcase some typical Chinese calligraphy styles on Kai (regular) and some Cao (cursive) strokes by the magic brush such as couplets, small banners and  names including translating your names into Chinese and writing it on a piece of special paper to take away with you.





Hi Titus,

Thank you very much for your email!
The Calligrapher, she was amazing, we spent really nice time together, unfortunately, the store was not too busy on that day, however every customer we had, enjoyed her calligraphy very much.

Thank you so much again, I will definitely contact you in the future.

In regards of the payment, the invoice has been forwarded to our finance department and should be paid with the next session.

My best,



Hi Titus,

The calligrapher was fantastic and everyone was so pleased with their fans. Thank you so much for sending us someone so fantastic.


Hi Titus, thanks for following up.

The day went very well and Jia did a fantastic job. In the end, people were more focused on having him write out their names than trying out the writing themselves but Jia was very patient and professional about it all.

Payment is being processed and I will keep an eye on this until you receive it.




Chinese Calligraphy on Body Art



Calligraphy for the Cosmetics, Gift Boxes & Perfumes.






Chinese Calligraphy on Branded Cards as Souvenirs 








Chinese Calligraphy for Food Menus, Signboards & Blackboards






Chinese Calligraphy Workshop







Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition





Chinese Calligraphy Workshop






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Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Calligraphers
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