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London’s unique and much sought after all-girl bluegrass band. Excellent ensemble to provide guests with something new and unique, with harmonies & hairdos evoking a bygone era of vintage glamour and forbidden foundation garments, they rustle up a down-home blend of spicy bluegrass and sweet old-time country, with a dash of red hot rockabilly thrown in for good measure. In their signature red frocks, they gather round a single microphone in the traditional bluegrass style to deliver songs of love, hate, horses and muleskinners.

Handsome Bobby

The Face You Deserve

Greasy Coat

Add to this hair-raising fiddle, hard-driving banjo, and a foot-stomping rhythm section, and you’ve got yourself some red hot rockin’ bluegrass!

The quartet can perform Christmas Carols and Songs.


Hire a Bluegrass Band in London

London based Bluegrass Bands – Bluegrass music is a sub-genre of country music. It has mixed roots in Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English traditional music. Bluegrass is traditionally played on acoustic stringed instruments. The fiddle, five-string banjo, guitar, mandolin, and upright bass (double bass) . The guitar is now most commonly played with a style referred to as flatpicking.  Banjo players often use the three-finger picking style made popular. Fiddlers frequently play in thirds and fifths, producing a sound that is characteristic to the bluegrass style. Bassists almost always play pizzicato, occasionally adopting the “slap-style” to accentuate the beat. A bluegrass bass line is generally a rhythmic alternation between the tonic and dominant of each chord, with occasional walking bass.


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  1. I have a club in South West London.
    Looking into live bands, can you send details and cost for the Blue grass girls, and any other C/W bands.


  2. Hi, I’ll be interested by Blue Grass band to play in a music bar in central London.
    I would like to know the availability and cost for a show.
    I wait a feedback.


  3. Hi, I’ll be interested in hiring Blue Grass band to play in my music bar in central London.
    i would like to know the availability and cost of hiring the group.
    Thx Jan

  4. Hi I sent an email with a request for availability for an event in London, on Sunday July 22nd. I haven’t heard anything back yet and wonder if the email was received.
    Please advise.

  5. Hi. I am looking to suprise my mum she loves vintage. We are taking her to a resteraunt in brick lane and would like her favourite beetles song played as an suprise. Could you let me know if you would be up for doing this and how much it will cost.

  6. I am looking for a Blue Grass band to play at a party in North London on the evening of the 3rd March 2012.
    I would like to know if your band would be available to play and how much you charge.

  7. Hi,

    We’re getting married on the 5th May 2012 and are looking for a band to play at the reception – we were wondering how much it would cost to hire the Blue Grass Girls and what we could expect to be included in the price?

    Best Wishes,


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