Adam – Close-Up Magician

Close-Up Magician

Adam is a London based, award winning Close-Up Magician and Sleight of Hand Artist specializing in Close-Up Magic with cards, coins and borrowed objects. Finger rings, bank notes, pens, watches, rubber bands, napkins, bottles, glasses and cutlery. Basically common familiar objects, which can always be examined prior, during and after the show.

Why book a close-up magician?
Booking a good Close-Up Magician adds a unique form of entertainment to any social event, helping to break uneasy silences and allowing your guests to interact. Close-Up Magic is the perfect icebreaker for formal occasions, social events or just plain mix and mingle.


As a one man act with a huge repertoire of magic all his props are self contained in his pockets or borrowed ready to go anywhere at anytime throughout your event. Adam doesn’t require a specific performing area and is able to stop and start at a moments notice.