Bespoke Magician in London

Bespoke Magician for Hire

Duncan is a unique and one of a kind bespoke magician for hire in London.

As an iPad & Digital magician, he is often booked to perform at a variety of events including:

Exhibitions: Drawing footfall to your trade show stand or exhibition stall where he can perform amazing digital magic tricks to generate interest in your company and increase sales leads.

Weddings / private events: The perfect way to entertain guests over the wedding photographs whilst guests nibble on canapes or over the wedding breakfast to keep the atmosphere fun.

Product Launches: Using your product in his digital magic act, I can promote the clients brand in a unique and innovative way using his digital technology skills.

Digital / iPad magic
Duncan fuses digital technology with corporate brands and identities to create real moments of wonder in a bespoke way. He performs his digital magic act both close up and on stage. Routines include, pulling objects out of phones, using his phone to change a deck of cards to glass, making predictions using phones, pulling money out of ipads/iphones then increasing the denomination of them, testing whether is someone is telling the truth using iphone technology to accurately predict what they are thinking, using an ipad to see what object someone is hiding in their hands using numbers unique to them to predict the lottery numbers etc etc. This is only the digital magic and doesn’t really translate in an email as particularly exciting…. – some of these he uses more for his digital stage show and of course this is all combined with his mind reading eg. unlocking their mobile phone, telling them the last few people they called, telling them their bank pin, object they are thinking of, star sign, predicting the word they would think of in a word association game etc etc….

Due the fact he can tailor some of his act to the client, Duncan is also booked as a trade show magician, generating sales leads and increasing footfall onto the stand and qualifying those leads too.

Close up magic and mind reading:
Duncan is one of the leading full time magicians and mind-readers from the UK. Be it telling you your bank PIN, unlocking your mobile phone, changing your borrowed £5 into £20, or telling you the name of your first kiss, his magic is contemporary, unique and most of all fun! Guaranteed to leave your guests laughing in amazement and make your event as memorable and as unique as you had dreamed of! He has performed at a huge range of events over the last couple of decades and have developed a unique approach to delight and amaze the audiences.

After-dinner stage show act:
Duncan offers both a 40 minute digital magic stage show and also a 44 minute mind reading act. Often he combines the two to enable him to create really bespoke customization for the client and am able to incorporate their business or event messages into the routine keeping the show fun, engaging and interactive.