Borneo Magunatip Dancers

This Dance Troupe is Based in Malaysia but available Internationally.

Murut Bamboo Dance (Magunatip) Magunatip, more well-known as “Bamboo Dance”, is considered as one of the most popular dances in Sabah. The name “Magunatip” is derived from the word “apit”, which means “to press between two surfaces.”

In the dance, dancers need good timing and agility to put their feet between the clapping bamboo poles, without being trapped. There are two primary types of bamboo poles arrangement for Magunatip, namely, parallel and cross styles.

To heighten the intensity, the music tempo and the clapping speed of the bamboo will become faster and faster, the audiences will be impressed by the speed of the dance and music by the end.

In the past, Magunatip was a warrior dance to welcome the return of Murut headhunters. Today bamboo dance is commonly performed in cultural functions and celebrations for entertainment and socializing purposes.