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The Chinese Lion dance is a form of a traditional dance in the Chinese culture and is often used to celebrate weddings and events during the Chinese New Year festive period. The performances last approximately 2×7 minutes or 1X15 minutes . The dance is a high impact performance by two performers involving various martial arts moves, namely kung fu and wushu with the aesthetics of a lion. The lion can perform to recorded music or with live music that consist of Chinese Drums, Gongs and Cymbals.

For a better and more vibrant  display, more lions can be used. Double Chinese Lions create an interactive, grand and fun performance for your guests.

What does the Lion Do?

During a Chinese Themed Event,  the Lion can be used to give out peeled oranges or gifts (to be organised separately)  as part of a performance.

The Lion can Mix ,  Mingle and Move in a room among your guests.

Guests always enjoy and taking photos with the Lion especially group photos during a Chinese themed party.

The Lion Can Also Bless Ang Pow Packets, Cabbages and Oranges.


The Chinese Lion Dance is often mistakenly referred to as Dragon Dance. An easy way to tell the difference is that a lion is operated by two people, while a dragon needs several people normally seven performers.  In a Lion Dance, the performers’ faces are covered, since they are inside the lion. In a dragon dance, the performers can be seen since the dragon is held up on poles.

Isabel's wedding photo with Double Chinese Lions
Lion Dance for Wedding Ceremonies in the UK

The Lion can be made to perform with live music, normally Chinese drums, gongs and cymbals or with recorded music.  There is additional cost involved with using Chinese Lion Dance Musicians for this performance.

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Client Testimonials

Dear Sir/Madam
I write as Principal of BSix Brooke House Sixth Form College in Hackney. We hired your Chinese dragon dancers last Thursday for two shows for our staff and students. They were fantastic and everyone loved the performance. (Everyone is saying that it was by far the best such performance they had ever seen).

Thank you again for creating such a joyous occasion.
All best wishes
– Ken (Warman) Principal

Good Morning
I would like to pass on my thanks to the two gentlemen (Chinese Lion Dancers London) who came to perform for us on Friday 19th February. The day was a huge success and I have had numerous praise from all our residents especially our Chinese nationals at what a great time they had. The display was great fun and made the day complete. Thank you once again for agreeing to come at such short notice and providing such great performers.
Regards, Jackie Smart

Hi Titus
The guys were great last night please say thank you to them.
I will send over some of the images once I receive them.
Kind Regards

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