Cyr Wheel Performer

Cyr Wheel Performer

Patrick is a solo Cyr Wheel performer.

He has been involved in the world of sports from an early age. His passion is strength training. In 2014, he won the third place at the Polish Championships in gymnastic fitness.


Patrick is a world-class artist. He specializes in the shows of the wheel acrobatics. His authorial program has been shown in global acrobatic productions such as Wintergarden Show Phantasialand or on acrobatic shows on the ship Costra Crociere. It is characterized by exceptional efficiency and power, creating a dynamic show which delights the viewers.

Patrick speaks English, Polish & Spanish.

Work Experiences
International Circus Festival Budapest Lyrical Circus
Aber Party Nike Litva
Formula 1 Gala show Abudhabi
Winter Show CityMol Manila
Chimelong Internationa Circus
Cruise Ship Costa Luminosa
Phantasialand Winter Theater
Tevet show Israel Pirates of Carraibe
WinterCircus Luis Knie
Gala Shows In Poland