The Human Statues

The Human Statues Of London

The Human Statues are beautiful, charming and wholly unique.

Unconventionally elegant these living statues are truly engaging, creating magic wherever they go.

Connecting past with present, these characterful representations make people laugh, smile and feel involved.

The Human Statues are an artistic and avant-garde addition to both events and festivals.

From Steampunk to Snow Queen – there is a Human Statues for every occasion and each one has their own individual story to tell.

Apart from real life Human Statues, they also provide clowns for children’s parties.

Some of our real life Statues includes –

The Steampunk Lady
The Steampunk Lady is joyful, playful and humorous.She keeps watches hidden in her costume using them to steal the time! Beware her golden gas mask, which she uses to shoot kisses. Playful with the public, she loves her mechanical elements, even if they don’t always work!


The Miss Copper Kettle
This statue warms the cockles of your heart with her Victorian secrets from the past. Cast in solid copper, she will transport you back in time to a world of crinolines, carriages and crackling firelight. Bringing to life the world of Charles Dickens.

Miss Copper Kettle Statue

Miss Copper Kettle

The Silver Lady
Introducing the exclusive and elegant silver lady . She is a graceful, clever and eye-catching figure. She keeps a silver ball in her hand, which symbolizes power, earth, strength, femininity and harmony. She can move graciously or be powerfully still, which is an experience worth seeing.

The Silver Lady 1

The Silver Lady

The Snow Queen
When leaves hit the ground and snow crunches under foot, an icy wind awakens the Snow Queen’s frozen whisper. She radiates light on magical winter nights. Shimmering in silver, blue and white, the Snow Queen may freeze the air but always has the power to melt your heart.

The Snow Queen

Other Ckassical Human Statues includes
-Marie Curie
-Parrot Queen
-Duet Of Silver Lades
-The Bell
-Lady Pierrot

Modern Human Statues Include
-Sweet Dream Baker
-Turquoise Shopkeeper
-Poet & Fruit Seller
-Orange Builder

Human Clown Statues Include
-Strawberry Moon
-Sleeping Beauty