Murphy The Baby Dinosaur

Children Puppeteers in London

Palaeontologist Doctor Fosters

We are delighted to reveal our brand-new act…

Meet Murphy, our baby dinosaur hatchling animatronic puppet.

Murphy loves to be greeted and petted, making a range of appreciative noises and is accompanied by either a male or female ‘handler’.

His keepers, either palaeontologist Doctor Fosters from Darwin, Australia – an eccentric dino wrangler in the mould of Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee or sophisticated female archaeologist Professor Jones, who is on a mission to be the first person to clone a real live dinosaur will engage and entertain the crowd.

Murphy and his handler are the perfect thing to wow the crowds at a range of events, ideal for breaking the ice at events and keeping guests entertained and happy at spectator and crowd events, keeping adults and children spellbound.

Murphy is the perfect choice for performances, flash-mob, walkabout and street entertainment style appearances at Childrens events, Corporate events, Theme parks, Comic cons and expos, Meet and greets, Mix and Mingle, Museums, Outdoor events, PR stunts, Private parties, Product launches, Shopping centres, Street entertainment, Festivals, Garden parties, Fairgrounds and funfairs, Country shows, Zoos, Carnivals, Family fun days, Holiday resorts, Roaming entertainment, Schools, Themed outdoor events, Trade shows, Restaurants, Village fetes and even weddings!


Murphy and his handler can also provide featured entertainment for children on a stage, indoors or outdoors.

The show lasts approximately 45 minutes and sees the presenter/handler performing an interactive Dino show.

The show is part performance, part comedy and partly fun educational.

Elements can include dinosaur quiz sheets, dinosaur colouring in sheets, fossil brushing and skeleton excavation, dinosaur facts and fossil, bone and tooth identification and interactive songs for young ones (and adults) to join in with.


Murphy and his handler can also provide exploration parties for young ones.

They distribute compasses and set off on their intrepid exploration across unchartered territories where they are likely to discover pre-historic (and pre-hidden!) artefacts such as bones, Dino teeth and fossils.

Whilst on their journey, Murphy’s handler will enlighten young ones present about tailored/researched information relating to the area in Cretaceous/Jurassic times.

Exploration parties will keep young ones spellbound, busy and learning for up to 90 minutes at a time (no power is required – the sound comes from a concealed speaker with a 10 hour battery life) and is completely child friendly and appropriate for most ages (Murphy has made friends with children as young as 18 months).