Scott – The Professional Trickster

Scott is without a doubt the U.K’s finest sleight of hand expert. He has been entertaining audiences with his unique, stylish and visual brand of close-up magic and misdirection all over the world. Perfected and refined over thousands of performances, Scott – The Professional Trickster offers the ultimate in Exclusive VIP entertainment.

Scott specializes in performing within the nightclub, bar and music event industry. Performing supreme, perceptible magic he ensures that your guests and Vip’s are entertained, amazed, astonished and mesmerized and always come back for more! This is why The Professional Trickster’s clients always choose him!

His art form of sleight of hand magic, misdirection and showmanship can be found baffling onlookers in the most prestigious events in the city of Birmingham and London.

The Professional Trickster’s particular type of deception is a unique and stylish way to captivate your guests and really get the event going! Adding this brand to your event is guaranteed to enhance your night that extra notch above the rest and make it truly UNFORGETTABLE!

If you have an event coming up, Scott can cater to your requirements and create bespoke, quality entertainment purely for you. Whether in a Nightclub, Corporate event, bar or music festival, The Professional Trickster Entertainment knows just how to maximise any event.

Testimonials –

The ULTIMATE nightclub entertainer! unbelievably cool!

I still can’t work out how he does this, actually fantastic.

How does he do it? How does he do it?! I’m still in awe thinking about this.

Truly remarkable. Words fail me as to this man’s abilities.