Janos – Professional Solo Violinist

Professional Solo Violinist in London

Janos is a professional solo Violinist for hire in London.

He has performed at numerous venues across the globe with a variety of musicians. He has also held residencies at various hotels as well as cruise ships.

Apart from performing as a Soloist, Janos is also available as a Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet and more, upon request.

Past cruise ships Janos has played on includes:
Costa Mediterranea
Costa Serena
Costa Atlantica
Costa Concordia
Costa Fortuna
Costa Victoria
Costa NeoRiviera

His repertoire is ever expanding and cover anything from international entertainment music,famous classicals,Jazz standards, Saloon Music, Film music, world music, Standard Music, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, American, Asian, Korean, Chinese,Japanese, Greek, and Arabic Music,French Django Reinhardt style of jazz – unique instrumentation arrangements, Hungarian evergreens, operett’s, Hungarian Gypsy Songs, Hungarian Csardas, Well-known traditional authentic folk music from Hungary and from the Balkans, Evergreens popular well-known around the world, swing, Latin, blues, and dance music and many more.