Electric Blaze Quartet

Electric String Quartet In London

Electric String Quartet For Hire In London

Electric String Quartet For Hire In London

The Electric Blaze Quartet is an electric string quartet that incorporates tightly choreographed “show-stopping” routine. Their set lists include a range of popular tracks, guaranteed to ´wow´ the crowd.


It’s raining men


Combining live vocals and electric instruments, they venture into the world of current and popular hits providing an evening you´ll never forget.

There are 4 options to hire this quartet.

Up to 1 hour classical background/easy listening set where the girls wear beautiful long dresses and play acoustic instruments (no amplification required) then . . .

Pop Show(s)
1.Up to 30 minutes of high energy purely instrumental show on electric instruments. Perfect for: Gala dinners, awards ceremonies and after dinner shows;
2.Up to 30 minutes of high energy tracks with a combination of vocal and instrumental tracks. Perfect for: Private parties and other events where there is a dance floor;
3.2x 20 minute POP shows comprising of: 1 x 20 minute instrumental and 1 x 20 minute vocal/instrumental show.