Christmas Entertainment

For most of us the summer bank holiday marks the end of the summer. Some of us will try to have the long weekend away and than get really upset on our way homes when the M25 is moving slower than 10 miles per hour. However we still do it, year after year, in the hope of having a relaxing time or maybe something to talk about when we are back in the office on the first Monday in September. The end of August is a period with various summer festivals including the famous Notting Hill Carnival, famous for steel pan band performances. The Carribe Steel Band are the only Steel Band that perform with full Santa Outfits.

For a music and entertainment agency, it also marks the last of the summer booking enquiries and the start of the Christmas booking enquiries. September is a crucial month as all the specialty acts who invest heavily in time and money in converting their regular acts to Christmas themed acts and ensembles, require the Christmas calendar to  busy to ensure it is a profitable venture, with bookings almost daily between the middle of November till the end of December. The Christmas Carolers and Choir are one of the most popular Christmas themed ensembles that receive bookings for office parties, large corporate events and private events.

Juan Two, our fun Mexican Duo with two trumpets and backing tracks go out with Santa Outfits and Red Rimmed Coloured Sombrero Hats. They play their own versions of the favourite Christmas Carols in an upbeat Mariachi Style.


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