Authentic and Professional Flamenco Music and Dance

Professional Flamenco Music & Dance

Daniel is a fully licensed Flamenco guitarist and composer from Andalucia, Spain. After 14 years of study at the Superior Conservatoire of Music in Cordoba, he moved to the UK in 2015 to work as a musician here in Great Britain.

Daniel provides must-see powerful flamenco performances bursting with passion and authenticity. These unique productions boast incredible flamenco musicians; singers, guitarists, percussionists, dancers, a bass player, and a violinist, all joining Daniel in mesmerizing and evocative flamenco music and dance shows.

Daniel’s latest production debuted in Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre in 2017 and since then he has been touring the UK with sell-out theatre performances in cities such as Edinburgh, Brighton, London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool, as well as gracing the stages of prestigious guitar and arts festivals.

Me llena de Recuerdos_ Bulerias

Daniel offers many different event and performance options;

– A solo flamenco guitarist to make an event really intimate and special
– A guitarist and singer
– A guitarist, singer and dancer for a smaller version of a flamenco tablao
– A traditional flamenco tablao of 4 or 5 musicians and dancers
– A full theatre production set consisting of 9 exceptional professionals
– Educational workshops for people of all ages and levels in guitar, singing and dance.


“10/10 Perfect. It was pure flamenco at its vibrant and passionate best and I would definitely go to see this again.” – Writebase

“Beautiful & amazing guitar playing” – BBC Radio 4

“Truly awesome!” – Birmingham Conservatoire

“Art of Believing was truly awe-inspiring” – Latest TV Brighton

“Ludlow loved you and we can’t wait for you to come back” – Ludlow Fringe Festival

“That was one of the most exciting performances I have ever attended! I even got goosebumps in many moments throughout the show…it was quite remarkable to be honest. Many thanks for such a great night” – Silvia (Edinburgh Festival Fringe)