Tango Workshops & Lessons with Tango Dancers

The Tango workshop is managed and run by two professional Argentine tango dancers and teachers with many years of experience. They have been offering tango classes and workshops at all levels both within a private and corporate environment and have been organizing tango events and performing in shows worldwide.

Over the last few decades Argentine Tango reached such an acclaim and recognition worldwide that in 2009 was included by UNESCO in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Thanks also to the general rise of popularity of ballroom and other type of dances sparked by reality TVshows, we consider this the perfect moment to introduce the beauty of tango into the lives of those people who are interested in learning a new skill andenjoying the many physical and social benefits of the dance.

Tango is generally perceived as a passionate and sensual dance, but there are other aspects of it which are hardly known and explored. Since the required physical activity is neither strenuous nor aggressive to the body, tango can be practiced by people of all ages and fitness.

These are only a few of the immediate benefits experienced by those who have discovered this rich and deep dance:

· Help in creating social links and relationships

· Improvement of body awareness, motorskills and coordination

· Development of musicality

· Increase in self-esteem

· Improvement of communication skills

· Help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease (scientifically demonstrated in several medical studies)

As teachers and people who are really passionate about tango, they know how to help people make the most of their dance experience and have always achieved good results with the group classes with satisfaction amongst all participants. Both Dancers have been experiencing throughout the years the amazing feeling tango generates and still enjoy it every time they dance.