The Flamenco Fusion Show

Flamenco Fusion Show in London

Lau is one of the top acclaimed spanish flamenco musician that is hailed as a high class versatile pianist,vocalist & guitar player. She conducts flamenco shows with a variety of real traditional flamenco music and new modern concepts called mestiza (fussion with afro american music) and also tango,jazz,classical and famous pop melodies like Beatles with a spicy flamenco special flavour.

She has different types of shows with cante & palmas (vocal & clapping hands) + bailaores & palmeros (dance & clapping hands) and finest musician performers in guitar,percussion-drums and strings – vocal choir or horns section if is required.

Lau has toured most of the finest stages with tours,fests and events in europe,scandinavia,caribbean,south america,US-Ca, mid.east and some of the prestigious tv,radio and magazines like TVE Spain, Radio 3, El Pais, La Vanguardia,RNE, etc.

The ensemble can be: 5p. to 7p. with Lau on piano,vocals & guitar + 1 guitar player + 1 bass-cello + 1 percussion/drums + 1 lady vocals + 1 dancer depending on the occasion vocals choir and horns might be re-adapted as well.

She has collaborated with some giants masters like Pescailla,Gipsy Kings Legacy, Enrique Morentes, Manolo Soler, Isabel Pantoja,etc.

Classical & Fusion Spanish Music