The Holograms International Instrumental Trio

International Instrumental Trio

The Holograms are an International Instrumental Trio that was recently founded by international classic guitarist maestro Alessio and rounded out by veteran percussionist Giovanni, known as Wan Jan, on the hand pans, and Panitcha on the tanpura.

The Holograms plays their own compositions that can be defined as World music as encompass many different styles of music from around the globe.

The Holograms has at its core the intention of creating a sonic field whose wavelengths directly resonate with those of the human body, and whose rhythms synchronize the beating of the heart, breathing, and states of consciousness.

By adopting a tuning system (A=432 Hertz), based on the natural frequency of the universe, their music is meant to align with a listener’s chakras, “vibrating in (and on) the body, releasing positive energy, inducing natural relaxation, expanding consciousness, bringing natural harmony and balance to the body and mind.”


New Horizon

Repertoire: (All composition by The Holograms)
The witch doctor
New horizon
Mantra Ganesh
Camino el Alba
Sacred Path
Four XVI Century songs
Gayatri Mantra