Evgeny – Amazing Virtuoso Pianist

Evgeny is a genius composer and virtuoso pianist from Ukraine. He wrote his first composition at the age of 7.

Evgeny’s  titles and awards:
– Hollywood Award Piano Improvisation (2012)
– Yamaha Local Artist (from 2018)
– Brand Face of Volvo (2019)
– The finalist of the show «Ukraine got talent»
– Musician at the Show «The X Factor»

Evgeny gives concerts in Europe, China, the USA, Middle East. His most prominent concerts were at:
– White House, the USA
– Mississauga Living Art Center, Canada
– Yamaha World Conference, Dubai
– Buckingham Palace, UK
– Government meeting, China
– Opening of Maserati salon, Cyprus
– Opening of Jaguar salon, Kiev

The Wheel Of Life



As well as private events in Monaco, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, etc.

Being a well-known and recognized artist in Ukraine, he organized a large-scale concert (involving 200 instruments of the orchestra and 100 singers of the choir) in the biggest concert hall in Kiev «The Palace of Ukraine» that was attended by 3 700 visitors.

By 2018 he released 4 musical albums that can be found on iTunes. Videos on his YouTube channel count more than 50 000 000 of single views. For his first album, Evgeny Khmara wrote special composition where he used certified sound of the Earth, made by NASA and than presented this incredibly composition to the audience.

In addition Evgeny Khmara plays in the following styles:
-contemporary instrumental
-new edge
-rock symphony

Evgeny organises an annual charity concert for children with disabilities/

The concerts of Evgeny charm his audience. They are filled with inner light, warmth and sincere message.


1. World hits(soundtracks to The Game of Thrones, Scorpions, Sting, Pink Floyd, Celine Dion, Imagine Dragons, etc.)
2. Traditional Ukrainian Songs

Own composed music:
Journey to the Edge of the Earth
⁃ Spirit of the Far East
⁃ Chance Meeting
⁃ She
⁃ To Find Myself
⁃ Release
⁃ The Wheel of Life
⁃ In the Sky
⁃ Parallels
⁃ Element
⁃ Transcendence
⁃ Fairy Tale
⁃ Nocturne
⁃ Rain
⁃ Lullaby
⁃ To find Myself
⁃ Inception
⁃ Transcendence
⁃ Znamenie
⁃ Fight
⁃ Tango
⁃ Anakhata
⁃ Celtic Sunrise
⁃ Dreams
⁃ Another World
⁃ Spring Fields
⁃ Song of Earth
⁃ Fairy Tale
⁃ Steam Locomotive
⁃ When She Slept
⁃ The Little Story
⁃ Strings of My Soul
⁃ Magic Clock
⁃ Finale
⁃ Depth