Antara – Peruvian Band

Originally, Vladimir Vega comes from Molina, Chile, a small town in the central valley where most of the Chilean wine comes from.

Here he and his band Antara, had the opportunity to start a new and music being their passion and life took over and after 25 years they still go about playing the music of South America.

Rio Triste

Samba de Orfeo

Quiero Ser Tu Sombra

Misionera (Misionary)

Regreso a casa (Back Home)

Resistance Song

Sabanas’ Song – (Venezuelan Folk tune)

Patagonia (Place south of Chile)

New Day (Guajira feeling)

Child Playing (Venezuelan Merengue feeling)

Guajira del Regreso (Guajira lets get home)

Name of Vals: I’d like to be your shadow

Antara has been around festivals throughout the country for the past 25 years with different musicians to keep the interest alive.

ANTARA (Tupay)
(Since 1981)
Antara is a band formed by 2 Peruvians (Jorge and Ciro Rodriguez) and a Chilean musician (Vladimir) principally, but other musicians can be integrated depending on the Repertoire being performed. Our Peruvian musicians have earlier being members of a band called Chan-Chan and who have been playing very successfully the music of Peru not only in Britain but Peru and in Ecuador for several years. Vladimir had been part of different bands such the Grand Union band/Orchestra for 25 years, Alianza (anglo-chilean music project) tour and CD. Played with “Show of Hands” tour (1998) and at the Albert Hall (2001-03) as well as participating in their Albums such as “Beat about the bush” and “Royal Albert Hall performance CD”; wrote the songs for a documentary September 11 in 2002, project that won the jury award in Venice Film Festival (09.09.2002).

Antara today plays the music of our continent for quite many years in different venues, art centres, open festivals and private corporate functions successfully showing a variety of rhythms, colours of the music of our home countries, the Andes region and beyond. The rhythms are varied depending on the region where they come from, the altitude or the valleys, from populated areas to the loneliness of semi-deserted areas. This diversity of rhythms range from happy tunes, danceable to hunting melodies of the Andean pan pipes (Sikus), the Andean flute (Kena or Quena) and the small chordophone guitar (Charango) with its happy, high pitched sound.
We try to represent our roots and share with our audiences our own experiences, the life and the history of our peoples through the music which we hope you will enjoy.

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  1. I first met Chan-Chan when they first arrived in London around 1984 and were spotted in Earl’s Court by my great (late) friend Daemion Barry, who invited them up to his recording studio for a session then and there! They were fabulous. I was sorry to have lost contact with them, but glad their musical career continues. Very sad news about Mr Vega.

  2. Saw you guys many years ago, in Newquay cornwall. Best live performance I have seen, when are u next performing in a venue. Keep up the good stuff. 🙂

  3. Vladi,

    Hola, mi viejo amigo.
    Tengo muchas ganas de contactarte.

    Escribemez 2 lineas
    Un abrazo

  4. Hi!

    Have been listening to your music, and it sounds absolutely beautiful!

    I am in the process of organizing world music events it London, and am looking for quality acts to perform in a classy and intimate central London venue!

    I am hoping to spread world music to a larger audience and to make it more than just a niche market.

    If you are interested in being part if something new, gain more exposure and meet like minded people, please contact me.

    It would be great to hear from you,

    Best wishes!

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