Cuerto – Mariachi Mexican Musicians

Two, Three to Four  or Five Piece Mexican Mariachi Acoustic Band (Unplugged) available for Weddings, Corporate Events & Parties in London

Since its formation the band has played at numerous venues in London around Europe and appeared several times on British Television.

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Audio Demos

El Cascabel
El Tilingo
La Bamba

At the invitation of the Mexican government, it has been representing Mexico on the Mexican stand at Olympia for the International World Travel Market every year.

The group’s wide repertoire spans the popular music of the whole of Latin American Continent from Boleros to Cumbias. Their blend of one female and three males or four  or five males  accompanied by guitars and percussion creates subtle yet lively background music.

Cuerto At the Olympics


Hi Titus,

The band you sent us last night were absolutely fantastic, thank you so much. Please pass on our many thanks, they were totally brilliant, fun and professional. I hope they had a good time and thank you SO much again.



I just wanted to send an email to say thank you very much, the band were great and we all had so much fun!!

Thanks again
El Paso Hoxton

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for helping make our wedding on 15th July such a special day. You got our wedding breakfast off to the perfect start, created an amazing atmosphere and everybody thought you were great, most importantly my new wife.

Best regards
Paul S Gottesman

Repertoires List
Ay Jalisco
Cielito Lindo
Cucurrucucu Paloma
De Que Manera Te Olvido
El Ausente
El Rancho Grande
El Rey
Jarabe Tapatio – Mexican Hat Dance
La Adelita
La Bamba
La Bikina
La Feria De Las Flores
La Macarena
La Malaguena
La Raspa
Las Alazanas
Las Altenitas
Las Mananitas
Las Perlitas
Mexico Lindo
Mujeres Divinas
No Volvere
No Volvere
Que No Quede Huella
Serenata Huaxteca
Son De La Negra
Sonora Querida
Volver Volver
Zopilote Mojado

­Besame mucho
­La cucaracha
­La bamba
­El zopilote mojado
­Pájaro campana
­Bésame morenita
­La negra
­Jarabe Tapatío
­Me nace del corazón
­El polvorete
­El cascabel
­Serenata Huasteca
­El mariachi loco
­La raspa
­La bikina
­El Rey
­Cielito lindo
­Volver volver
­Mujeres divinas
­Me gustas mucho
­Y ándale

Latin Music
­Nunca en domingo
­Quien será
­Me voy pa’l pueblo
­Piel canela
­Quizás quizás
­Rico chachachá
­Cerezo Rosa
­Boca linda
­La casita
­El talismán
­Sin tí
­Golpes que da la vida / Cochero
­Moliendo café
­Extranos en la noche
­Mi tierra
­Ay papacito
­El cuarto de Tula
­A mi manera
­Maria Isabel
­Mis cuatro hijas
­El carretero
­Vamos a bailar
­Los Mirlos
­Se va el caimán
­Yo me llamo cumbia
­La pollera colorá
­La múcura
­Mi cafetal
­Alumbra luna
­El testamento
­Alicia querida
­Palo palo E
­Negrito del batey
­Sonó lambada
­Viva Espana

Mariachi is a genre of music that originates from Jaliso Mexico.

The term “Mariachi” is  an adaptation of the French word for a wedding or marriage, Mariachi bands like Cuerto often perform for Mexican themed events, tapas bars, corporate parties and weddings in London.

The instruments in a  typical Mariachi ensemble  consists of violins, trumpets, accordians,  a classical guitar, a vihuela (a high-pitched, five-string guitar) and a guitarrón (a large acoustic bass). Curto Mariachi’s traditional outfits are charro suits with wide-brimmed hats. The original Mariachi were buskers and Mexican Street Musicians.

Cuerto Mariachis are hired to play at events such as weddings, parties and  formal occasions, such as a quinceañeras (a girl’s fifteenth birthday celebration), they are also used to serenade women because many of their songs in their repertoire have romantic lyrics.

Mariachi’s also sing and create a yell inbetween songs called the grito mexicano.

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Mexican Mariachi
Cuerto Mariachi
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