Del Titicaca – Authentic Peruvian & Bolivian Panpipe Band

Authentic Peruvian &  Bolivian Panpipe Band in London

Looking to book an authentic Peruvian, Bolivian and Andean Panpipe band in London?

If you are then Del Titicaca is the band for you.

Since 1988, the group Del Titicaca has performed widely throughout the U.K. to develop and promote the musical forms and rhythms originating from the Andes and provide a stimulating experience of South American folk music.

The band has played at numerous venues in London and around Europe, appearing several times on British Television and been invited by the Bolivian government to represent the country at the World Travel Market Exhibition, every year for the last 7 years.


Flutes: Pan pipes (Zampoñas) and a variety of Andean flutes

Strings: Charango and guitar

Drums: Bombo and chajchas

Del Titicaca plays contemporary and pre-hispanic music from the Andes region of South America, an ideal choice for those looking to have instrumental music at receptions, dinners or corporate events.

Audio Demos

Scarborough Fair







The gigs went really well on both days, the patients were absolutely delighted with the South American panpipes. What a lovely bunch of musicians! Thank you so much for helping us out at such short notice.
-Esther Jackson, Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham

Both my colleagues as well as our customer Asda were very impressed with the Del Titicaca panpipes group, they were extremely professional, flexible and fun to work with.
-Matthew Thom