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Cache play Salsa. Their passion for the music is infectious and gets both salsa enthusiasts and those new to the sensuous Cuban rhythms straight onto the dance floor. Cache are a lively accessible outfit that bring a vibrant spark to all the different rhythms that make up Salsa – mambo, rumba, cha-cha, bomba, merengue. bolero.

Alma Con Alma (Bolero) Trio

Cumbanchero (Cuban Son) Quartet

Favela (Latin Jazz_salsa) Quartet

Salsa is a seductive Latin American music form which originated in Cuba. Fusing the rhythms of West Africa with the passion of Spanish music and American jazz. Salsa is about dancing, making it perfect for functions outdoor events. international music festivals. clubs and parties.

Dejame Sonar

Dulce Con Dulce

El Manicero

El Sabroson

La Enganadora

Cache have a flexible line up. For the full Salsa experience the nine piece band shows what live music is all about – a characterful ensemble, great musicianship and loads of fun. Their hot-blooded salsa sound is produced by the searing, scintillating brass section (trumpet, trombone and saxes), three percussionists, piano, bass and at the front an extrovert Cuban lead vocalist.

La Familia

Mambo No5




However, for more intimate functions and on smaller stages, cache can reduce to a smaller ensemble. Additionally, the band has a special enthusiasm for danceable Latin jazz.


Cache is lead by Cuban singer Felix Gonzalex, a born entertainer, the rhythm section includes Juan Luis ‘Chino’ Martel (congas) Andy ‘El Flaco’ Warner (bongos), and Tobito Herschmann (timbales), Chrisito Goodsell (bass) and tim Sharp (piano): the brass section features Domingo Rablah (trumpet, flugelhorn), Raul Fernandez and Derrick Coonghe (saxes/flute).

Cache Dancers

To add more glamour to the event, professional Latin American dancers in full costume can also be provided. For those who want to find out more about the music or want to learn more about salsa dancing, experienced teachers can also be provided to conduct a workshop.

Cache have played for Carnaval 2000, Estoril, Portugal Bracknell Jazz Festival 1998. Glastonbury, 1999. ealing Jazz Festival, 2000. Guiness World music, Belfast, 2000. Microsoft, Labour Party, Christies, Financial Times, BBC, Pret A Manger, Oddbins, Glaxo Welcome, Regain Trust (HRH Prince Michael of Kent) Reuters Rumba, Hewlett Packard, BP.


Client Comments
Hi Toby

A big thank you to you and the band for an exceptional start to our wedding party. Everyone was very impressed with the sound and impeccable musicianship and is still talking about the band. Hope your trip back went alright. How do I get a CD of yours – is there a link somewhere?

Just a quick message to say that Cache went down a storm at our party last night. They did a fantastic job and were really great to work with and I will most definitely be recommending them to everyone!
Alexandra Rance
Events Manager

Son was the first Afro-Cuban musical collaboration. It is a combination of Spanish derived melodies, African rhythms and string instruments. The music and its accompanying dance moves or salsa as its knows was developed in eastern Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century

Cache are a London Based Salsa Band available for hire for events in the UK , Internationally and the South East.