Son Latin

Son Latin is a London based Latin American Dance Band which was created with the collective talents from London , various South American Countries and Colombia. This two to fourteen piece band includes the traditional Latin rhythm section; piano, Timbales, and Congas.

Latin Busking Band London

Performing as a Busking Band

The band is ideal for any South American themed party as they perform a wide variety of styles from Argentina (Tango),  Belize (Chumba),  Bolivia(Andean) ,  Brazil (Samba),  Cuba (Mambo, Salsa, Rhumba), Colombia (Cumbia), Dominican Republic (Merengue),  Mexico (Boleros) , Peru (Marinera).



Corazon Gitano

La Vida Es Un Carnaval

London Tropical

SiMe De jas No Vale

They can be used for background music or for dancin. The band’s electric set list is passionate, dynamic and eminently danceable which covers characteristically hot blooded tempos of Cuban Salsa and Brazilian Lambada, the traditional folk rhythms of Colombia and also Merengue from Puerto Rico and The Dominican Republic.

Son Latin has toured France, Italy, Spain, and Tunisia. The band has performed for personalities such as Prince Charles, for musicians such as, Elton John, Eric Clapton, and for stars of film and television including Joan Collins, Roger Moore. And has become a spicy ingredient at hotels, clubs and many pop stars’ parties.

Son Latin is a very well known band in the United Kingdom spreading the Latin fever from small to big audiences. They have been invited to appear at El Carnaval del Pueblo Festival, The Barbican Centre, The South Bank and The Edinburgh festival plus several TV shows.

Repertoire List
Besame Mucho
Caballo Viejo
Cali Aji
Cali Pachanguero
Canto A La Montana
Colombia Tierra Querida
Corazon Espinado
Cuando Cuando
Cuando Cuando
Cuba Quiero Bailar La Salsa
Cumbia -Mix – Poppurri
Donde Estas
El Barranquillero
El Carretero
El Forastero
El Negro Jose
El Preso
El Tgueron
Esa Morena
Fruta Fresca
Hasta Que Te Conoci
Hay Mama
I Need To Know
I Will Survive
Killing Me Softly
La Bamba
La Bomba
La Burrita De Eliseo
La Canoa Rancha
La Capullito De Aleli
La Copa De La Vida
La Fiestabde Blas
La Gota Fria
La Murga De Panama
La Noche
La Quiero Morir
La Vida Loca
Las Calenas
Last Dance
Lets Get Loud
Like A Woman
Mala Mujer
Mambo No 5
Mar De Amores
Maria 123
Me Miras Y Te Miro
Mi Tierra
Morena Ven
Nadie Se Muere
No Me Dejes De Querer
Oye Como Va
Piel Morena
Puerto Vallarta
Que Buena Son
Quizas Quizas
Tu Sonrisa
Una Aventura
Yo Me Llamo Cumbia