London Tangos – Tango Guitar, Bandoneon & Double Bass Trio

London Tangos 3 Piece Argentine Band


Argentinian Musicians in London


London Tangos is a Tango Guitar,  Accordion / Bandoneon & Double Bass Tirio . Tango Ensembles and Bands are rare, few and far between in London.

These highly skilled Argentinian Tango musician comprises of Fioramonti and Turville accompanied by  a selection of other instruments.

The trio both are established in their own right have joined forces to create a unique and inviting sound that is difficult to come by in London as most tango lovers know.

The Trio  can be very much a background music act lending an Argentinian influence to any party or to get experience tango dancers to perform with their impeccable sense of rhythm and timing required to perform the tango immaculately.

If you are looking for the Spirit of Argentina at your event, look no further !

Apart from performing as a trio the band is also available as a, quartet, quintet and more, upon request.

They are a perfect choice to grace any events or special occasion that requires the Tango!

La Punalada


O Morro


The band can increased in size with the additions of percussion and brass instruments for a fuller sound especially for events where dancing is required.