Unique Handpan Artist In London

Handpan Artist In London

Gabriele is an up and coming Handpan artist, one of the rarest instruments in the world.

Originally invented in Switzerland, this sound sculpture has been researched and developed, refined and tuned to produce an immaculate sound and truly memorable experience both in playing and listening.

Gabriele’s performances with the handpan are unique, original and musically gorgeous with a beautiful visual impact. Its sound combines perfect melody and rhythm, is tuneful, clean and directly affects the soul of the listener.

From Italy to Australia, his hypnotic Handpan improvisations are guaranteed to captivate audiences and get people talking far and wide.



Remebering The Rains

Gabriele plays only original songs alternating parts of improvisation.

Some of these songs are:
Joyful Dawn
Full Moon Marathon
The Harvest
Remembering The Rains


Gabriele absolutely made our event in the menswear department. It was so different, and gave such a unique magical atmosphere. He was really great with our guests too, engaging with them and answering their questions about his music. We’d highly recommend him!
-Rachel Lenny, Liberty London