Auld Shillelagh in Stoke Newington


Auld Shillelagh plays host to some of the finest folk artiste in London. First opened in 1991 it was nothing more than just a tiny pub. Determined to create a traditional pub with well kept beer, a friendly atmosphere, professional bar staff, and to serve the best Guinness in London, it has now become one of the best venues for live music.

The pub is now 3 times longer with a beer garden out the back as well as live music every week. They also broadcast all the major sporting events on multiple big screens.  Today it is one of the most lively thoroughfares in London with a wide mix of restaurants, music venues, pubs and bars.


Auld Shillelagh

Stoke Newington,

 Church Street,

London, N16 0UD

Phone: 020 7249 5951