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The Mandolin Fusion Band

Based in India available for Concerts & Performers Internationally.

Mandolin Fusion Band

Prakash is a classically trained electric mandolin virtuoso who has been performing South Indian classical (Carnatic), contemporary and film music for more than 20 years.

His formative years were spent training under Mandolin Sri. U.P. Raju and Vocal & Vainika Vidhushi Smt. Padma Veeraraghavan. He is an All India Radio – national level music competition winner and grade-B artist. He is also a recipient of the CCRT Central Govt. and Bharat Kalachar scholarships.

In addition to his classical works, Prakash performs original contemporary music live!

He has collaborated and commissioned film works for the finest artists in the popular Indian music industry including the likes of A.R. Rahman, Harris Jeyaraj, Imman, Rex Vijayan, Anirudh and more.

He has trained students worldwide, in Carnatic instrumental music for more than a decade through private direct / online lessons.

In 2018, Prakash is launching two music brands.

Carnatic String Conservatory – An online music academy
MP3 Mandolins – A signature model custom-designed range of electric mandolins

Prakash is also a professional voice-over artist, a semi-professional cricketer and an avid fitness enthusiast.

Music Styles

In his classical performances, Prakash renders traditional compositions, focusing on representing the vocal phrasing on his instrument. This revered and highly classical approach is known as the gayaki style. Backed by traditional accompaniment – mridangam, violin, ghatam, kanjira, thavil – Prakash’s concerts focus on intense flights of improvisation.

In addition to his classical work, Prakash continually works with musicians from other genres and styles. Whenever he takes on a project, however, he ensures that the core elements of each genre are brought to the fore, preserving the intricacies of each tradition while striving to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Prakash has extensive experience as a composer and arranger on pop and commercial projects. This has included ad jingles for Nathella, Panasonic, Narinyas, song composing (albums / films) for Aid India, YAS (Vasantham TV, Singapore), and music for gaming and other media streams.

He has also done voice-over work for radio and television ad commercials including RMKV, Lyca Mobile, Big 92.7 FM etc, Disney animation projects and corporate training projects.

In addition to his classical and fusion work, Prakash is a seasoned session musician, playing on a wide variety of music projects. He is available for studio and live projects, film and non-film. He is able to tailor his style to the needs to the project / musician / composer / company.

Some of the leading composers / musicians with whom he has collaborated include A.R. Rahman, Harris Jeyaraj, Rex Vijayan, Imman, Yuvan Shankar Raja, G.V. Prakash, Deepak Dev, Ramesh Vinayagam, T.H.Subhash Chandran, Anirudh, Prashant Pillai, Job Kurien, Charan Raj, Karthik, Srinivas, Naresh Iyer, Haricharan.


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