Feel N Groove

February 25, 2014
We are a bass and drums partnership with over 30 years of recording and live experience. Multi-instrumentalists Del (drums) and Sam (bass) have played together […]
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Session guitarist available!!

February 11, 2014
I’m an experienced and talented professional guitarist based in Northampton with more than 10 years live and studio experience in many different music styles (rock-hard […]
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Dominik Told

January 14, 2014
Hello, My name is Dominik Told and I am a professional bass player living in London. Being in the industry for many years I’ve learned […]
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Guitarist Available

December 14, 2013
Session musician available. I have extensive stage and studio set-up knowledge coupled with in depth knowledge of recording techniques in software and hardware. I am […]
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Session drummer

July 31, 2012
I have been playing drums for around 8 years now. Have played in a numerous amount of bands with many different genres. Also I have […]
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