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Having already found success with my own project and completed my degree, I now wish to play with more great musicians who are looking for a young, exciting and talented drummer. I have an extraordinarily eclectic taste in music, and can adopt my playing to a range of well-understood styles. Ultimately, I am looking for a full time permanent slot with a band with huge ambition; realised or realistically conceived.


Mike has 14 years of extensive playing experience.

6 years of hugely in depth professional experience – Touring, Recording, Live Radio and TV work in the UK, US, Japan and Europe.

Mike is highly adept at Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Electronica, Reggae, Latin, Samba, Jazz and Blues.

Vast recording experience in major studios such as Abbey Road, Olympic, Mayfair and The Church, for LP’s, EP’s, Singles and Motion Picture Soundtrack work.

Mike is renown for getting the drums ‘down’ in fewer than 3 takes.

Mike received traditional and holistic tutoring from Jazz touring and session legend Laurence ‘Loz’ Hall author of ‘The Outer Limits’ and teacher at The Holistic Drum Agency.

Able to deliver the Artist with pre-chosen or freshly designed bespoke rhythms.

Moeller Technique savvy.

Strong on grooves, phrasing, dynamics and stylistic techniques.

Showman; where appropriate I am renown for scintillating, explosive live performances.

Ex-Blondelle drummer, Mike played session for Eurythmics legend Dave Stewart.

Supported acts such as: Editors, The Gossip, Mumford & Sons, Chairlift, Babyshambles, Ordinary Boys, Kula Shaker, The View, Hot Hot Heat.

Blondelle gained global critical acclaim for virtuosity, live shows, musicianship and songwriting.

Mike studied under Martin Read at Alton College, the same music tutor who taught the likes of Alison Goldfrapp and Gwyn Herbert.

Mike plays Pearl Masters Series Drums, Zildjian/Paiste Cymbals, Vater Sticks and Remo Skins.

Recommendations Of Work

Dave Stewart (client) Eurythmics & Superheavy

Dave hired me as a musician in 2003 and hired me more than once.


Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


“I’ve known Mike since he was about 14 and he was an explosive drummer then! Mike is very smart and as well as being a brilliant musician understands the inner workings of the music industry and would be an asset to any music company as player, doer and as an ambassador .” 

November 9, 2011



Ilich Rausa (client) – Label Head at Rude Records/Side-One Dummy, Milan

Ilich hired me as a Business partner Author Composer in 2005 and hired me more than once


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


“It was a genuine pleasure working with Mike. Aside from his exceptional drumming ability, he has vast experience for someone so young on both the performance and business sides of the music industry. Mike is a tireless worker who is passionate about whatever he does, a true team player who is task-driven, unbelievably dedicated and personable. He possesses the ability to articulate any idea and tailor his articulation to a specific audience. He has the imagination and adaptable skills to make him a prized asset in any creative role, within any industry.” 

November 10, 2011





Praise from the Media:



“Hugely impressive London four piece Blondelle, Epic guitar chicanery mixed with drumming that would shred flesh from bone if you stood too close.” – Rough Trade


“The music is as classically rock and roll as their attitude, a fizzing melange of Iggy aggression and Velvet Underground drone, with sparkling pop melodies rising up through the murk. Blondelle whipped kids not legally old enough to drink, into a communal celebration of raucous hedonism.”

V Magazine


“Blondelle are literally amazing” – Channel 4


“Blondelle look too good to be true. But don’t let those rosy cheeks and pristine locks fool you – Blondelle aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Their debut album, Started When You Were Young is one gigantic sneer of Stones-esque fret strangling and youthful exuberance. Having already conquered Europe, Blondelle are getting itchy feet. Their thinking man’s pose n’ roll looks set to grace many a bright light very soon.” – I-D Magazine

“We’re all getting very excited! There’s something very grown up about this teenster-troop. Guitar Licking, skinny hipped, and handsomely geekish, combined with a stylish stance and a whole lot of talent.” – Super Super Magazine

“You know those parties you turn up to, and someone is rolling around on the floor, someone’s smashed the kitchen table in half and people are bouncing off the walls? That’s what Blondelle’s music makes me want to do.” – MusicTowers.com

“…a nirvana for any lover of left-field music, Blondelle rock mighty heavy and with serious maturity, taking catchy cues from punk precursors the Kinks and pioneering power-pop band Buzzcocks.   – San Fransisco Chronicle

“Blondelle’s release in Japan at the 2006 became one of the most talked about international bands in that territory with media exposure across all major and consumer press and charting in the Top 10.”- Active Entertainment



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