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Able to work from my own studio, I can lay down pretty much any type of string-thing you need. It’s super easy for me to send tracks back and forth over the internet, making for a quick and painless working process.

I have years of experience touring, recording, producing, composing, arranging and can be any style of strings, you just need to specify what you want. I play both violin and viola so with overdubbing I can cover three quarters of a string quartet for a full, realistic ensemble sound.

I’ve worked with labels including EMI, Sony, Ninja Tunes, Southern and have performed live in venues ranging from The 100 Club to the Barbican. No job is too big or too small.

Check out some examples of this year’s recordings on my soundcloud page.

I would suggest listening to the ‘Albinoni’ for an example of my classical, multilayering, home studio orchestra (all me), ‘Perk You Later’ for my compositions and playing, and ‘USU Violin Solo Clip’ for more prog-rock improvised solo stuff. ‘TomorrowWaterextract’ for singing…and everything else for everything else!

I look forward to working with you!

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