About Me

My education: School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Krakow ( Poland) - vocal. I have classical background also ( 10 years of classical education at public music school- violin)

I 've been singinging for 4 years in pop, r'n'b and reagge /dancehall bands as a backing vocal ( festivals, gigs) . I had a jazz quartet - leading vocal.
I was singing in function bands ( weddings, receptions) as a leading voice and in clubs in duo with with guitarist or pianist.
I was working for a Royal Choir of Wawel Castle in Krakow - alto. Taking part in Philharmonic and Opera performances.

I graduated Psychology ( MA Degree), but I am dedicated to music :)


I am writing my own songs (lyrics and music). I am fluent in reading notes a vista with my voice, improvising, singing harmonies and preparing harmony on my own. I can read jazz chords.

I was trained with SLS technique. My favourite music genre is soul. Basic ability to play piano and violin.

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