About Me

Ah, so many attributes, such little space... Mark me as an easy-going low-ender, with a pro attitude, quality audio and a disciplined approach. Interested in getting involved with studio recordings, scoring to picture, live projects, remixing and co-production.
I can walk it, groove it, swing it, thump it, pick it, tap it, scat it... and slap it!
I’ve been playing fretted/fretless 4&6str basses for various projects since ’85, so I'm quite familiar with live and studio recording set-ups and mishaps and am at ease with a variety of styles, while always striving to anchor the band. I'm not too bad with percussion & backing vocs either, but bass is where I'm at. I’ve got big -and discerning- ears and can pick up stuff quickly, but my music reading is rudimentary -still intending to work on that. I've recorded five band LPs and one solo EP. I have survived about 670 live gigs (thus far).
If you’d like to get an idea what I’m plucking about, please check out https://soundcloud.com/bassious for some audio featuring my bassings and mixing/production attempts… just to see if I fit your bill.
Many thanks!

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