About Me

I have been playing the drums since the age of 15. I have taken advantage of opportunities to play with many great musicians at various venues and events; gaining experience as a session drummer in both live and studio settings. I’ve had experience of working professionally not just in the UK but internationally throughout Europe. This includes being part of a team of session musicians, right through to stepping into an established band at short notice for a gig. My experience and reputation in the local area has led me quite frequently and in some cases permanently, getting approached and employed by bands to step in and work in a consultant position to advise on aspects of the bands direction and compositions. This role I take very seriously also because it means that I not only help create a better product for that band but also diversify my own ability and vision on drumming. I believe in working very hard, that not only means behind the setup, making certain that the performances are perfect but also away from the kit. I am always working on different aspects of my projects, overseeing logistics planning, promotional work or speaking with the venues, managers, labels and so on. I also have some experience of using ‘Cubase’. I am quick at learning and developing parts. I have a big interest in developing my drum parts in every piece of music that I play unless strictly unnecessary. I’m very keen to continually improve my playing ability. To this end, I have previously taken drumming lessons and I’m soon about to embark on a three year BA (hons) degree course at ‘BIMM' - Bristol institute of modern music.

I have experience of working with click tracks, though have the confidence and ability to maintain steady pace, tempo and groove without. I’m a friendly, polite and well mannered person. I get along well with other people and have good communication skills. I thoroughly enjoy working with other people to achieve a common goal. In the past I’ve given drum lessons to other people which I find really rewarding, when I see that person applies what they have learned in the context of their own band or production. I am very well organised and good at planning, I enjoy problem solving and working to deadlines. I have used these skills throughout my career thus far. A good example of this is the European tour that my previous band ‘Lost In Thought’ embarked on in mid 2011. During this tour I made sure that I was overseeing the majority of planning and decision making. I booked all the overnight accommodation, arranged the tour bus, organised the passport copies, wrote out the bands technical rider, employed a driver, set out the schedule and many other things. I made sure that I also was in charge of the diary keeping, the email/social media accounts and the financial accounts. I am conscientious and reliable, whether it is behind the kit or behind the scenes.

I'm available for playing live, studio recording, consulting and TV appearances. I specialise in metal, rock, progressive, pop, and alternative. I am flexible and able to travel. I hold a full driving license. I will also consider international work.

Live Work
Played live performances with various artists, bands, community groups, including:

Morphic Aura – Moriston based band – Drummer
Colour Temple – Gowerton based band – Drummer/Songwriter
Community jam – young community group – Teacher/Drummer
Lost In Thought – Swansea based band – Drummer/Songwriter
Pyrrhic – Swansea based band – Band founder/Songwriter/Lyricist/Producer/Drummer

I’ve played at many events, some including:

FERA Fest – 2008
Battle of the bands, 1st place – Sponsored by ‘Jack Daniels’
Swansea Live Festival – 2009 - http://www.swansea-live.com/
Western European Tour in support of ‘Delain’ – 2011

I’ve played at many venues, including:

Manchester Academy - Manchester
02 Islington Academy - London
The Assembly – Warwickshire
Salamandra – Barcelona, Spain
Alcatraz – Milan, Italy
Shuur – Switzerland
Diesel Club –Budapest, Hungary
K17 – Berlin, Germany
Milkwood Jam Hall - Swansea
SinCity Venue - Swansea

Studio Work
I have worked in the studio with several artists, including:

Morphic Aura – EP – 3 tracks - Drumming
Lost In Thought – Album – 8 Tracks – Drumming/songwriter
My band ‘Pyrrhic’ are in the process of recording an album – ‘currently 8 tracks worth 1h 18mins’
• Band founder/songwriter/lyricist/producing/Drumming

Consultant to the band ‘These Hands of Mine’ – Temporary
Consultant to the band ‘Alive & Remain’ – Permanent
Consultant to the band ‘Orangefall’ – Permanent
Consultant to the band ‘Black Light Machine’ – Permanent

I am also the resident drummer for recording studio ‘Pitch Black Studios’.

Future Ambitions
I am very enthusiastic to expand on the experiences I’ve gained in both live and studio work so far. I plan to attend and complete my BA (Hons) degree next over the next few years as well as push the success of my band Pyrrhic to whatever height I can possibly achieve. I would love to continue working with musicians of a high standard, meeting new musicians in the process, and play at high profile events.

Equipment list
Tama Superstar limited edition 7 piece drum kit (8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 22”x20”, 14”x6”)
Roland SPD-30 Digital percussion & sampling pad
Pearl Octobans x 4
Custom self built snares x 2
Exodus cymbals ‘Sinergy and Altavox series’ x 12
Tama RoadPro hardware
Three sided drum rack
DW 8000 pedals
Promark 420n sticks
Silverfox BUDS sticks
Mapex thrones
Roland Drum Modules
Roland Drum Triggers
Roland Sample pads
Sennheiser Wireless transmitter
Sennheiser Wireless receiver pack
Minerva Mi-3 Triple driver custom in-ear monitors
hard & soft hardware cases

Exodus Cymbals
Roland UK

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