About Me

I am musician from Latvia. I arrived in London a month ago. I want to offer my person as a session musician.
About me:
I started to play violin and piano in music school when I was 5 years old. After I finished musical college like a double-bass / bass guitar player. Starting from 15 years old I played in different bands and orchestras. After I graduated like a teacher of music in Daugavpils University - Latvia.
Main places where I was playing:
Daugavpils town string orchestra - double bass player
Rock'n'roll band - Dabasu Durovys - bass guitar player
Music maker in electronic project Party at the sun.
Orchestra of accordions - bass guitar player
Event band Drunk Confession - playing in weddings, parties and other events. Bass guitar player.
Now I am 28 and I am professional bass guitar - double bass player.
I am searching a job, where I can use my skills. I am sure my experience and knowledge can be useful in different kind of bands, because I can play by ear, by notes and by chords.

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