About Me

Matt Clark is an experienced songwriter, professional guitarist, session musician and composer from Brighton, England.

His career has spanned 30 years, encompassing genres as broad as punk, blues, psychedelic rock and electronic dance music.

Matt began by playing bass guitar in school band Southern Tongue Business in the late 1980s, and played in various bands during his teens in and around the Midlands. In the early ‘90s he moved to Leicester, England to study Fine Art, where he formed the psychedelic rock band Cardboard.

“One of Leicester’s “best kept secrets” of the mid-1990’s, Cardboard were the most authentically psychedelic, trippy and eccentric of bands around…” – Alan Freeman, Ultima Thule Records.

Matt’s next incarnation was the electronic solo outfit The Electric Orange, which garnered record company interest following an “NME presents” gig at The Astoria in London.

Following a 10 year hiatus, losing himself somewhere in Eastern Europe and having a family, Matt returned to England and began playing and writing again under the moniker Interstellar McCartney, a mix of delta blues, ‘60s psychedelia and electronic loops and samples.

In late 2017, Matt moved to Brighton and is currently working with a number of projects.

Caaw – “Quirky, whimsical, melodic lines in the tradition of great storytellers, French Quarter benders, trickster music, broken glass drunken poetry of lovers and thieves…” – Margaret Garrett (Mr. Airplane Man)

Matt Clark; Three – a new, rhythm based experimental jazz project. More info coming soon; follow the story on Instagram

He is also working as a session guitarist.