About Me

I'm Mirko, a Central London-UK based, professional session musician. Playing Guitar, Bass, MD'ing & Programming are my main strengths. I also run my own studio to produce/write and occasionally provide BV's.

I can play a wide range of genres but my style shines in: Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, Soul and Acoustic music. Guitar is my first instrument, i'm also highly skilled at bass, music production and often trigger backing tracks/create samples for live gigs using Logic Pro and Cubase. I often trigger additional live sounds (including synths, drums etc) via Mainstage. This knowledge (along with the pro gear below that enforces it) separates me from other musicians and allows me to fill various spots in a band, rather than just simply 'guitarist'. I ultimately will find the right space in the music and fill it sensitively.

My gear includes (see pics):

Music Man JPX7, Ibanez RG, Fender Stratocaster
Fractal Audio Axe Fx II XL
Fractal Midi Controller
Focus Rite Scarlet 2i2
Apple Mac Book Pro

To view my experience, artists i've worked with, clips of me playing etc: Follow my social media links at the bottom of this post.

Available for all kinds of gigs, recordings, parties and weddings, from solo singers to full bands. Check out the YouTube video on the right to see a quick recording i did for you to hear (Click 'Video' above my picture). If you're further out than London then i'm sure we can still work something out!

Text/Call me on 07476218334 or just reply to this ad. Please make sure you check your junk folder if you opt to reply to the ad - as my gumtree replies sometimes end up in junk!

Would love to here from you!

TWITTER - MirkoFadda1
INSTAGRAM - mirkofadda
FACEBOOK - Mirko Fadda