About Me

I’ve been fortunate over the years as a session musician to have performed with some great artists. Over the past five years I have performed largely in the Lucinda Belle Orchestra at venues and festivals in both the UK and Europe. I was lucky to record at Toe Rag Studios – a truly unique experience. More recently I recorded for Lucinda at Universal Studios in Kensington High Steet. Prior to Lucinda I was working as the in-house session musician for producer Chipz. This led me to working with Nelle Hooper on Gwen Stefani’s first album ‘L.A.M.B‘.

One thing I really enjoyed as a session musician was laying down my guitar on recordings. In recent years I have been working closely with music production companies on TV and advert projects. I’ve worked with companies like Optomen on ‘The Great British Menu’, Magnus Fiennes on ‘Death in Paradise‘ and Racket Music. I have a lot of fun playing around with melody lines and bringing to life musical ideas.