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Novasis – 50’s Style Female Trio

50’s Style Female Trio


Who can resist three enchanting young women dressed to impress, singing in close harmony with all the stylistic moves and charming charisma to top it all off?

Esther and Ami have always dreamed of performing in the 50’s style.

Back in 2013, the idea was not to try and recreate the 50’s sound: rather to create a timeless one, which would encapsulate the trio’s individual styles. So, they found the perfect third sister, Eloise. They became the Novasis.


Esther (the ditzy blonde) and Eloise (the short – haired beauty) being classically trained and Ami (the fiery brunette) a composer and Jazz/Gospel Vocalist.

They cover everlasting classics from the Andrew Sisters such as ‘Don’t sit under the Apple Tree’, ‘Rum & Coca cola’,’Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’, ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ to the upbeat swing – pop tunes from the Puppini Sisters; ‘It don’t mean a thing’, Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candyman’ and even Beyoncé!


Their passion is to rearrange old and new tunes to the 50’s era,creating a swing – pop style giving them a new vibe with a fresh sound.

The Novasis are available to provide a professional yet charismatic performance for your special occasion.



Boogie Woogie

Repertoire List

Sing sing sing
Run run run
Blue moon
Don’t sit under the apple tree
Mr. Sandman
I’m yours
Boogie woogie
Stormy weather
Rum and coke
love on top
It don’t mean a thing


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