The African Entertainers In London

African Entertainers In London

Great Tythe Barn Wedding Photography

Great Tythe Barn Wedding Photography

The African Entertainers are a World Music and Dance group in London that specializes in both contemporary and traditional African Music especially from East Africa.

The Group provides entertainment and performance that is combined with a creative blend of live African and Western instruments making them ideal for those looking to add a touch of difference to their weddings, corporate and charity events, concerts, carnivals, private parties, festivals and other occasions.

The African Entertainers music, energetic dancing and colorful costumes will get both young and old dancing and clapping to a fusion of African rhythms, Soca, Khalimba, Lingala, Soukous, Zomba and drumming or storytelling acts which are all exclusively delivered in African Languages.

To date, the group has provided entertainment for many clients and venues including the West Minister Abbey, The Rich Mix, Royal Albert Hall, Earl’s Court, Gywl Pontadarwe Festival and Tredegar House Festival, Ealing Global Music Day and many more.

The African Entertainers are committed to promoting good causes such protecting the environment and giving to charitable causes.

They work in partnership with other dedicated organisations who help channel their commitments in more effective ways.

The African Entertainers are also available to conduct workshops in various instruments and topics such as :
-African Drumming
-African Singing
-African Dancing
-Story Telling
-Costume Designing/Making
-African Visual Arts Workshops

African Musical Instruments



Animal Prop Theme



Some of the The African Entertainers acts include:

Safari African Full On Cultural Showcases:
The African Entertainers would put on a cultural show with an Authentic Typical Safari East African Traditional Troupe/ensemble of African Drummers, Singers & Dancers and this would give/present a TRIBAL performance showcase in pure African Music, Drumming, Singing, Dancing of high energy in colorful costumes.

African Safari Masai Warriors:
There will be around 2 people starting this act.

African Safari Drummers and Dancers:
3 Drummers-Would do a carnival meet and greet as the guests arrive.
3 Dancers-Would do a dance and drum performance showcase for the guests.






Instruments and/or props on showcase:
-Safari African Tribal Drummers
-Safari African Tribal Dancers
-Safari African Singers
-Safari African Traditional Musicians
-Safari Adungu (Acoustic Traditional African Harp Instrument)
-Kalimba/Mbiira/Akogo (African Thumb Piano)
-Migudo drums
-Ngoma (African Drums)
-Ndingidi-Tube Fiddle (African Violin -Acoustic Traditional African Instrument)
-Calabash (Guard Prop for Dancing)
-Amadinda/Marimba-Xylophone (African Key Board)