Masquerade Caribbean Band

Caribbean Band

Masquerade are a group of London based musicians who got together with the common aim of promoting Caribbean music.

The band consists of a rock steady backline of Drums, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar and Keyboards together with steel pans which blend to give Masquerade its distinctive sound; and a superb vocalist who cite calypso giants such as the Mighty Sparrow, Lord Kitchener and Baron; soul masters such as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder as his main influences.

There’s no doubt that the past few years have seen an increased interest in Caribbean music. SOCA – the national music of Trinidad and REGGAE – the national music of Jamaica.Masquerade’s line-up of musicians from all over the English speaking Caribbean gives this band’s music a unique interpretation.

Authentic yet original and rhythmic phrasing, the dominant sound of the steel pan, the heavy bass drum and the wicked lines of the bass guitar puts them right at the forefront of Europe’s Caribbean music scene.

Waiting In Vain

Funky Nassau

It had better be tonight

Melosian Rhapsody

Whats going on

Repertoire List

I shot the sheriff – Bob Marley

What’s going on – Marvin Gaye

Another Star – Stevie Wonder

The Ghetto – George Benson

Palisa – Merengue

Sabor a Mi – Alvaro Carrillo

Pan Night and Day – Lord Kitchener

Sugar Bum Bum – Lord Kitchener

Waiting in vain – Bob Marley

Melosian Rhapsody – Baron

Take Five – Dave Brubeck

Africa – Rico Rodriguez

It had better be tonight – Henri Mancini

Funky Nassau -The Beginning of the End

Tristeza – Luiz Bonfa

Nani Wine – Crazy