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The Strings And Bamboo Ensemble comprises of Chinese strings like pipa (4-stringed lute) and erhu (2-stringed fiddle) with a mellow sound of the dizi bamboo flute.


The group has performed extensively in the UK including the Brighton, Cambridge Folk and Guildford Music Festivals and in Europe’s WOMEX and WOMAD festival as well as many concerts in France, Spain, Italy,Holland, Germany and Sweden.

The enchanting sounds of The Strings And Bamboo Trio and Quartet takes you on a musical journey through China. The musicians perform both regional/traditional and modern pieces as well as popular melodies and contemporary music.

The Chinese Music Ensemble is ideal for Chinese Themed Events and Chinese Weddings. They are very popular  and  very much in demand for parties and events in London during the Chinese New Year. Early Bookings are essential.




Chinese & Western Traditional Fusion Ensemble for Corporate Events in London.


Chinese Music includes (中国音乐包括):

月亮代表我的心(The Moon represents my heart),紫竹调 (Purple Bamboo melody),喜洋洋 (Full of Joy),彩云追月 (Colourful Clouds and the Moon),茉莉花 (Jasmine Flower),四季歌 (Song of Four Seasons),迎宾曲 (Greeting piece),小城故事(Stories of the Little Town),花好月圆 (Beautiful Flowers and the Round Moon),平湖秋月 (Autumn Moon over the Still Lake),十五的月亮 (The Middle Autumn Moon) ,步步高 (Moving Up),敖包相会 ( Au and Bao Love song),  浏阳河 (The River Liuyang),  瑶族舞曲 (Dance of the ‘Yao’ People),草原上的太阳 (Sunshine over the Grassland),  金蛇狂舞 (Dance of the Golden Dragon), 在那遙遠的地方 (In that remote Place),小河淌水 (The little River), 春江花月夜(Moonlit night by the Spring River , 渔舟唱晚(Fishman’s Singing at Sunset ) and more..

Western pieces (西方音乐曲目)

Cannon in D      (Wedding music)                        Johann Pachelbel
Amazing Grace(美之奇)                                  Traditional Scottish
Titanic Theme Song (塔坦尼克电影主题曲)         James Horner
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik                                         Mozart
Edelweiss  (音乐之声,插曲之一)                   Richard Rodgers
Greensleeves (绿袖子 )                                    Traditional English
Swan Lake (few pieces天鹅湖插曲)                     Tchaikovsky
Radetzky March (拉德夫斯基进行曲)              Strauss
Tundra Swan (BBC Wild China Theme  Music)  Barnaby Taylor
Sound of Music   (音乐之声主题曲)                 Richard Rodgers
Danny Boy    (男孩丹尼)                                    Traditional Irish
Auld Lane Syne (友谊地久天长)                           Traditional English



Client Review:

Hi Titus

The musicians and the music were beautiful – perfect for the occasion.

Thanks for all your help.


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