MFL Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu Masters

Please Note – The Act featured below is based in China though we currently have 6 Shaolin Masters residing in London for Basic Shaolin Monks/Masters Martial Arts Performances and Demonstrations – Base Price for 1 London Based Shaolin Master is £350.00

Chinese Shaolin Monks can be used for all kinds of events, including festivals, ceremonies, corporate events, weddings, concerts, sports events and cultural exchange programmes. They always add a great sense of anticipation, bewilderment and wonder when present at any event with the gravity defying moves and strength making it a very memorable occasion.

The length of the show can very from a short high impact performance to a longer opera styled presentation.


1. Shaolin Eight-Section Brocade
2. Ground Tumbling Boxing; Zhui Feng Gan Yue Broadsword; Unarmed combat

3. Shaolin Special Boxing
4. Group Cudgelling; Iron-cloth
5. Imitative Boxing: the Hawk Boxing, the Leopard Boxing, the Monkey Boxing, the Mantis Boxing and others

6. The Monkey Cudgel
7. Hard qigong; Lying on Broadswords and nails
8. Three-Section Cudgel; Double Hooks; Double Broadswords against the Spear

9. Flying Needle Piercing the Glass
10. Qigong; Jabbing the Body with Spears and Breaking Stones on the Back
11. Soft Whip; Broadsword; Shield Broadsword against Double Spears

12. The Childs Exercises
13. Group Shield Broadswords
14. Shaolin Yin Hand Staff

15. Forefinger Deep Meditation
16. Meteor Hammer; Double Broadswords; Nine-Section Whip; Double Whips
17. The Drunken Sword, the Drunken Cudgel, the Drunken Boxing

18. Qigong; Iron Arms; Iron Head
19. 18 types of Shaolin Weapons
20. Fight at the gate of the mountain

Above is what they perform for shows that are shorter than 45 minutes. For bigger, more professional and artistic shows of kung fu, they perform their original kung fu opera styled plays which are : The Legend of Kung Fu, The Soul of Shaolin, The Epic of Shaolin and Shaolin In the Wind.