Gayageum are a traditional Korean Duo consisting of two musicians playing the Gayageum, a Korean traditional harp, and an acoustic guitar. Traditional Korean music includes both the folk and court music styles of the Korean people can be traced to the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty in 1392. The Duo have been performing together since 2002.

Heart For The People

New Arirang


They’ve performed for various diplomatic, corporate, cultural, educational and events in the UK including at London City Hall, British Museum, Asia House, Oxford University, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, St. Vincent’s Nursing Home, Hobkirk House care home, etc.

Their repertoire includes not only Korean traditional pieces and their own compositions but also various contemporary and Western influenced pieces such as classical, film and pop music.

Gayageum is ideal for a themed party, high end corporate event or to entertain Oriental or Korean guests as at a party.


Gayageum Duo

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