Latin American Rhythms

Latin Music from Guantanamera, Paraguay & Venezuela

Latin American Rhythms is an Acoustic Ensemble that plays Traditional Latin Music from Guantanamera to Romantic Mexican Ballads, Paraguayan Polkas, Andean Huaynos, Venezuelan Joropos, Chilean Cuecas, Cumbias from Colombia and various other traditional styles in their purest form using traditional instruments.


The Band

Veronica – Vocals & Guitar.
Vicky – Vocals, Pan-pipes & Maracas.
Rodrian – Vocals & Cuatro.
Baldo – Vocals & Bongos.
Kristina – Guitar.
Colin – Venezuelan & Paraguayan Harps.

Audio Demos

Grito Vagabundo
Estrellas Para Ti
Moliendo Cafe
Concierto en la Llanura

Just Gorgeous & Romantic Beautiful Music To Take You on a Magical South America Journey. It doesn’t get better!


Four different countries (Venezuela,Bolivia,Colombia,UK) are represented in a line-up of musicians playing a variety of instruments including : Guitar, bandola, cuatro, pan-pipes, quena, charango, maracas, Venezuelan & Paraguayan harps plus vocals.

Besame Mucho
Condor Pasa
Yo Vendo unos Ojos Negros
Cielinto Lindo
Grito Bahareque

The bands tours abroad have included Spain, France, Italy and Bulgaria (to a TV audience of more than 8 million). They have frequently featured at the main UK-Latin events such as the Venifios Venezuelan Chariry Ball, the Friends of Colombia Spring Fiesta, the British-Uruguayan Society’s Summer Parilla, the Anglo-Argentine Asado, the Carnaval del Pueblo in Burgess Park, London (August) and the Esperanza Trust (Argentina) Event.


The group by no means, however, plays exclusively at such occasions: They appear at an increasingly wide range of other venues and are invariably well received and appreciated by non-Latin audiences.