Oriental Belly Dancer And Fire Performer


Shania is an international Oriental performing artist, instructor and choreographer.

Her style originates from Egyptian folklore inspired by the femininity and grace of classical belly dance combined with advanced technique to excite and push the creative limits of performing arts.

Every movement is expressed with passion and emotional liberation translated from the rhythm to the language of dance.


Beginning her lessons in classical, jazz, modern and contemporary dance at a tender age of 8, Shania learned the art of belly dancing from her family before going on to train under some of the most renowned teachers in the Middle East including Tina (Sahara City dance school), Yael Moav (Arabesque Oriental dance school), Serena (Hoosam Ramzy school of Egyptian dance and rhythm), Natalie Dvir, Vered Gul, Shelly Alluf, Tamar bar-Gil, Amir Amar, Fif Ness and Nava Aharoni.

With years of experience and countless performances, Shania will add a touch of elegance and grace, combining Middle Eastern and Asian influences to create a one-of-a-kind and memorable event or function.

Performing dance styles include:
Fire belly dance
Bollywood belly dance
Classical Egyptian belly dance,
Tribal Fusion,
Oriental fusion: African, Flamenco, and Gypsy Belly dance Fusions,
Contemporary belly dance,
Turkish Drum solos,
Character role playing dance numbers Dance props include:
Fire fans, Sword, Fan Veils, Cane, Isis wings, Finger cymbals, Double Veils, and fun colorful hip scarf’s handed out for audience participation