Solo Female Opera Singer And Story Teller


Liu is a professional Chinese singer, story teller and voice over artist. She gives performances, Chinese cultural workshops and presentations in the UK.

Liu sings Chinese folk, Peking Opera, Chinese Jazz and modern Chinese pop. Her brilliant ability to adapt her voice to many styles from China makes her a unique and special performer.

Since 2007, she has enjoyed singing with the Harmony Chinese Music Ensemble specialist exponents of Chinese music.

In October 2010, at Scotland’s International Storytelling Festival, she made her debut in storytelling in English, using her own adaptations of tales and ancient legends from Chinese tradition.

Interacting with her – with original, improvised and traditional music – were her fellow Harmony Ensemble members.

With years of performing experience, Liu is perfect for birthday parties, functions, festivals as well as events in and around London.


“…But the star of the night is in no doubt Liu, her piercing voice and theatrical style engaged and enchanted the audiences through the evening. While singing the mountain folk songs, her voice delivered the extremely enjoyable and touching untamed quality” -LinkChinese UK.

“Beautiful and Elegant”-BBC Radio