Trish Aherne – Irish Singer

Trisha is now based in London, but grew up in Ireland, surrounded by music and song, with a very musical family background. Started out singing in pubs, as part of Irish traditional sessions, singing the old Celtic folk songs, her Irish influences at the time were artists like Dolores Keane, Mary Black, Maura O’Connell and Enya.

From a young age she was part of a church choir, and later went on to perform songs for church weddings, and more recently became part of a Rock choir group and performed solos in concerts around London. Has had singing gigs in private Friday night social clubs, and also as part of a traditional Celtic music group in the London pub scene.

Audio Demos

She Moved Thru’ The Fair
Song for Ireland
Lark in the Clear Air
Closest Thing To Crazy
Gotta Get Out
Nothing Compares to You

In the last year has been concentrating more on song writing and has recently recorded two of her own songs in a studio in Soho. With a great love for songs and a great passion for singing, Trish loves entertaining especially with the Irish/Folk ballads, but also likes to add a variety of different styles to the mix with her own unique Irish tones.